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Dramatis Personae

A collection of personalities make appearances through this blog. Pseudonyms have been created to protect their privacy, but some of the roles each plays are listed below:

TM – My closest friend in the whole world, who has been gone since 11/29/2006. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t expect it to be him when the doorbell chimes or the phone rings.

Fearless – The man in the mix. He’s a lovely mix of cocky and sweet, and he has a smile that makes me melt. I’d let him eat crackers in my bed (and to think of it, on one occasion I believe he has. Good thing he’s tidy).

The Resident Italian – He considers himself the food expert, as a good part of his culture is about food. We get along so well because on the most basic level, I cook and he eats. He’s also the gym guru I love to hate.

10 oz – He does everything with his hands. 10 oz is for boxing gloves, because it’s recently become a passion of his. Otherwise he loves cars, fixing and driving them. The certified ladies man of all my friends.

Lemon – It sounds funny to choose the pseudonym lemon, but it fit’s his personality. He’s a bit of a jester, the comedian of the boys, but tends to lean on the acerbic or dark end of the spectrum of humor. He’s a sweetheart who likes to think of himself as dark.

Coach – He’s been involved competitively with just about any sport that comes to my mind. Not so much anymore because of a neck injury in a car accident, so he still plays what’s deemed safe for him to do so. He’s playing a large part in 10 oz’s boxing training. Also, he is the type of person that tends to bring the best out of people.

Placid – If he ever saw this, he would probably laugh. He’s just the most calm, centered, sure of himself person I know. He’s in the same age bracket as the rest of the boys, but his upbringing and being married so young makes him seem much more grown up. In almost any situation he’s confronted with, he can be depended on to know what to do.

Lily – Placid’s wife. She’s very much a traditionalist and likes to take care of any of us that are about. She moved here when she and Placid got married, and it’s interesting to see all of the different ways she approaches life, having grown up almost half way around the world in a rather different society. It’s really nice to have another female around sometimes when the testosterone gets to be too much.

First – Currently overseas with the army, this is the man who said he wanted to marry me. There were plans for a wedding, and a house, and kids. Things got complicated though, as life tends to do. There is a lot of history between us, and he still has lingering emotions. I’m just trying to figure out if I can manage him being a presence in my life after all that we’ve been through.

Switzerland – One of my closest friends from high school, we’ve got the type of friendship where we sometimes go a long time without seeing each other, but as soon as we do we’re thick as thieves. She tends to be a voice of logic, diplomacy and neutrality.

Delicious – He’s my favorite diva in the world. A bit of a jack of all trades, he designs, does hair and makeup, teaches tango, and makes home made soap. So much of what I know about clothes and make up I know from him. He never fails to make me laugh and feel gorgeous. Always a blast!

The Chef – Delicious’s recently acquired husband. He’s a lawyer turned chef who enjoys soccer, and lots of it, in his spare time. Where Delicious is loud and colorful, he is laid back and mellow. We’re very similar in our approaches to food and the kitchen.

When a group of people, the boys, is referred to, it is any group combination of TM, The Resident Italian, 10 oz, Lemon, Coach, Placid and some others who haven’t made appearances yet.

Names and descriptions will be added to the list as others make appearances.



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