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The Last Weekend Saturday, August 30, 2008

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Well, this  it.  Next week I’m back to campus and back to classes. This is the last weekend, the final hurrah if you will.

It is only fitting that in a few hours we are heading out to the beach.  The weather is great, and its going to be good to soak up a few more hours of sun and vitamin D before hitting the library.

The last weekend of summer needs it’s signature cocktail, so I’m gonna let you guys in on one of my personal favorites: the Jolly Rancher. It’s sweet but tart, and if I could hold the alcohol, I’m pretty sure I’d drink a pitcher.

Jolly Rancher

1 oz green apple Sour Puss, or other green apple liquer

1 oz Peach Schnapps

Splash of cranberry juice

(And if you’re a lightweight like me, Sprite or some other mix to cut it.)

All you need to do is pour the first three ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker, give it a good shake, and strain into a glass. I like it over ice, but I’m pretty sure it is standardly served straight. If you’re using the additional mix, pour it over top.

I hope the end of everyone out there’s summer is going to end well. The season may not be over, but University looms.


Giving Thanks Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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My back driver’s side tire picked up a nail.

I was proud as punch of myself: I got the car jacked up, took off the injured tire, and was most of the way through getting the spare on when Fearless got home from work.

After taking a look at the tire he cracked a joke about me trying to do his job. Still in his greens, he suggested we take the tire to get repaired in his car, saving us from having to get the spare on and drive it over that way.

I asked if he wanted to change, maybe shower, before we went, knowing that those things he feels are pertinent to do after getting home from work.

He said we’d do that after we finished the task at hand.

After we dropped the tire off at the store where I had bought it, we had forty minutes of time to burn before they said it would be done. So we set about meandering through the whole sale store, window shopping (is it still window shopping if you’re inside the store?).

We stopped, looking at a stand alone winch (or something, haha) and he was talking about it, adding it to the mental list of things he’d like to have. It would be so useful.

Someone stepped up behind us, and thinking that we were impeding his way, I reached for Fearless’ arm, to perhaps pull him out of the way. Before I got to him, the man stepped in between us.

The stranger took his hand and shook it. Thank you for doing what you do. God bless.

He turned and smiled at me, and then walked away.

Fearless felt kind of awkward about it. Saying, I haven’t done anything. I haven’t even been overseas.

Still, in a time when all too often men and women in uniform are regarded with a certain wariness, disrespect or even spite it was a nice thing to witness.

To any of you people in the services out there, it isn’t said often enough. Thank you, really.

Chef Crushes Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson should have a baby and impart to it their cooking skills and personality. It would be a sublimely dichotomous child, but man would it be able to cook.

Just a thought.

Patterns Saturday, August 23, 2008

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Driving in the car a few days ago, Fearless and I were talking and he mentioned something I’d heard about before, but had never really thought about. And it’s been sort of stuck in my head since.

He brought up the idea that people look for people similar to their parents when starting relationships. The whole idea of a man wanting his lady to be like his mother. Not act as his mother, but to share some of the same basic personality traits.

He made an example of me, as well as another person he was with for a long time before I came around. First, that both of us have some common traits with his mom: a little bit shy, creative, like to spend time in the kitchen, and being kind hearted (though, if I remember correctly, he used the word softies).

I brought up the point that if people do look for their parents in their partners, what was I supposed to go off of? My dad died when I was very young, I have little recollection of him. How am I supposed to be looking for men like him when I don’t really know who he was? (Note: This was not brought up in any sort of woe is me, accusatory way. It happened a long time ago, and it’s not something I get really emotional about whenever fatherly topics come up. It was just a point to be made.)

Fearless said that my dad had been around in my life long enough to have made an impact, and though I may not know on a very conscious level the person that he was, on a visceral level I knew the type of person he was. And that I know things about him, it’s just that what I know I’ve been taught, I don’t know it first hand.

And much of that proves true: my father was a very masculine in the classic sense, he knew how to fix just about anything, was very much a provider/protector personality, loved being outdoors and working with his hands. 

The type of man I generally get interested in is classically masculine, outdoors-y, a Mr. Do-it-yourself and it’s important to me that I get that feeling that I’m safe with them (not that I haven’t been wrong before). 

So fine, he had a point. But then he pointed out that A, the other girl, and also had many similarities. And that’s what’s been sticking in my head.

Besides the obvious your last two relationships have been with Army men, Grace there have been some interesting similarities I’ve found between Fearless and First.

What has really been making it stick to my brain so much is their similarities with the one other person who I’ve been in a relationship.  Now, I’m not going to mince words, he was a manipulative, controlling, violent person. It wasn’t good, or healthy, while we were together. I had been told often enough that it was, so I believed him, but that’s a different story for a different day.

First and Fearless both habitually are decision makers. This is not a bad thing, but when you’re looking at it, they are the person who generally takes control. I know that it’s nothing near the degree of controlling that this nameless person was, but it’s still a strange parallel.

I don’t think I’m going to go into this too much deeper here, but it’s just strange, when you think of it, the lines you can draw and patterns you can see.

Any of you out there looking for your parents in your significant others?

Returns Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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It has been a while, hasn’t it?

It’s good to be back.

I promise to be more present, and prolific, from this point on.

There’s just so much to say.

Sumo Wrestlers and Giant Squid Monday, June 16, 2008

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I know this is probably really old news for some people, but I have fallen in love with something I thought I never would.

That’s right: a video game.

Beautiful Katamari for the 36o.

Basically, you are the Prince, this tiny little guy who rolls up balls of stuff to recreate celestial bodies that have been destroyed by a black hole. The black hole was created by a particularly strong tennis serve by the King of All Cosmos that ripped space a new one.

As you go along, picking up small items, such as candy and matchsticks, your katamari gets larger, it’s gravitational force increasing, allowing you to roll up larger items. Eventually you’re rolling up thermoses, gorillas, sumo wrestlers, buses, high rises, giant squid, islands, continents and the world!

Why I like it: It’s easy. Most video games I have tried out require a lot more button mashing, whereas this one is like driving a tank. You have two toggle bars and you direct them where you want to go. Also, it’s colorful. Like 60’s-acid-trip colorful. But it’s that dash of whimsy randomness that I’ve fallen in love with. You’re a little tiny prince rolling up whatever you come across: pieces of sushi, fires, cows. The King of All Cosmos says funny things.

I’ve heard say that it’s Sony predecessors may be of a slightly higher quality in the areas of attention to detail and quality of environment. Anybody have any thoughts?

I just thought I should say, if you haven’t tried it, it’s a lot of fun. I’m not much of one for video games, but I’ve become a little addicted.

How big of a katamari can you roll?

Finish Line Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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I’m back! As of today, I have finished classes and exams for this semester.

Well, kind of…

All but one of my exams has been written. That exam was scheduled for the 15th, but by some kind of fluke, this University student can’t seem to read a simple chart properly.

Being as much of a keen student as I tend to be, I had checked the exam schedule somewhat obsessively. It was written down in my day planner, on the calendar in the kitchen, and on the back of my hand. Organic Chemistry – April 15th 1330.

I got to campus early, the plan being to meet some friends who’d be writing with me for the frantic last minute studying that always seems to precede difficult exams. I got to our regular meeting place, took a seat on a comfy couch, and cracked my books. It was odd though, time being 1100, that I was still alone.

I sent out a mass text message, asking if people were going to come up to the student lounge to study.

No replies.

I started to get that funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. Something was up. Trying to put my mind off of it, I got out my laptop and went to the obsessively checked bookmark that was the exam schedule. I wanted to make sure I knew the seat numbers we would be sitting in at the hall.

1-95. And then I saw it, one column over: April 15, 0900. <Insert heart attack here>

My cell phone buzzed, my lab partner replied: Grace, we just wrote the exam. What are you talking about?

I booked it to the examination hall, the writing period already almost over. My prof looked surprised to see someone entering the room. We went out to the hallway, and I explained my critical mistake.

My hands were shaking, my breathing was fast. If I didn’t write this exam, I wouldn’t finish with the mark I needed to use it as a prerequisite. If I didn’t write this exam, my GPA would be effected. It was a great big circle of panicked thoughts running through my head.

The professor, very much the eccentric, frizzy haired chemist, said, It’s almost noon. People have already left the hall. I can’t let you write this exam.

<Insert second heart attack here>

I’ll just write you a note to go to the Faculty and get on the list for the deferral. You really need to be more careful about these things.

So now, by a fluke misreading of the chart, I have another whole month to study for this exam. In one light, this is great, the extra study time is much appreciated, but in another, this is going to be looming for another whole month, when it could be off my back already.

C’est la vie.

Three Months Sunday, April 6, 2008

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Today is the three month anniversary here at Repeat the Sounding Joy!

So far, we’ve had a total of 1697 views, and 62 posts (not including this one).

So sorry for not posting anything lately, finals are impending and all of my time has been going to studying. I’ll be back to regular posting within the next week or so, but I’ll still be around checking in and maybe dropping a post or two.

Hope all is well in your corners of the world!

Slogan Generator Monday, March 31, 2008

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The Advertising Slogan Generator – 10 0z sent me this link today.

What you do: Type your name or another word in, press the sloganize button, and get your own personal slogan.

Here are some of the ones I thought were interesting:

Nobody Better Lay a Finger on My Grace – This one made me think of the boys. They’re so protective, and I’ve been present in more than one instance to witness conversations including the phrases What are your intentions with our Grace? and You better treat her right or you’ll have us to contend with.

Kids Will Do Anything for Grace – Only because in day to day life, it is not unusual to end up with children I’ve never met before approaching me to play or ask a question. There are some people out there that kids are just magnetized to, and I suppose I’m one of them.

Have You Forgotten How Grace Tastes? – Right… that’s just weird. How do I taste? lol

Happiness is Grace-Shaped – This one was my favorite. A person will have a hell of a time being happy unless they are alright with themselves being happy. You can have a life with all of the ingredients for happiness, but unless you’ll allow yourself to be, that happiness will elude. Your happiness is shaped like you. Even if I’m wrong, which I am liable to be, it would still be cool to be the shape of happiness, don’t you think?

If you were a commodity, what would your slogan be?
Song of the Day: Building a Religion – Cake