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Blue Suede Shoes: On Panty Decisions Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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From what I’ve been told, the Carl Perkins’ classic Blue Suede Shoes (though you’ve probably heard it by Elvis, the Beatles, or Johnny Cash) was inspired by something Perkins heard a soldier say at a dance. Said soldier told his date not to step on his blue suede shoes, even though he was wearing standard issue boots, because they were visibly still nice and new.

Why would he say that? Not being a mind reader, I couldn’t tell you said soldier’s specific reasoning. Imagining though, one wouldn’t want their feet being trod upon. Perhaps he wanted these new, clean boots to stay that way while they could. That scuffs and wear just wouldn’t have the same effect. One will never know.

Still, this gets me to my topic. It’s one of my favorites: Panties!

Ladies, what is up with the sad, old panties trend? I know I am a little bit more of a panties aficionado than most, but the majority of people I have had panties chats with lately are confusing me. Bra chats too for that matter.

Statements I hear: Well, now that I’m in a steady relationship right now, I don’t really need them to be pretty. Or conversely, I’m single. I don’t need to wear things like that at the mo’. Perhaps the most disturbing, Well, they used to fit…

Whoa. Hold the line please.

Used to fit? These undergarments are referred to as the foundation of an outfit because they are just that, the foundation! You’ve got the right stuff on underneath, and the top layer will look right. Certain areas you may want sleeked over will be. Those of out there who may need a little bit of a lift or reshape up top can achieve it. If your foundation is wrong, you’re going to end up with lines showing where they aren’t supposed to, possible over emphasis of bits you’d rather not be drawing attention to, and specific to brassieres: possible back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, or poor circulation.

If it used to fit, that suggests that it doesn’t anymore. If it doesn’t fit, why are you still wearing it?

I’m single, I don’t need to wear things like that anymore: If you prescribe to the followers of ‘who cares if it looks nice if there aren’t boys looking at me in it,’ I guess you can skip over this bit. Not to repeat the above, all I can say is yes your cotton briefs with the days of the week on them may be cute, but your choices shouldn’t be all about what other people want you in. They should be more in tune with what makes you feel like the beautiful person you are, and what works with your body. You may not see them by the time you are dressed, but it’s the same concept as getting into outerwear that you love. When you feel like you’re the most gorgeous person in the room, you hold yourself differently, feel more confident, and it makes a noticeable difference. All I’m trying to say is that if you feel good, you’re going to look good. A person who truly feels they look beautiful have a certain twinkle in their smile. If pink Wednesdays do it for you, great! If you’re holding back because you don’t have an observer to confirm the other one’s are nice, let yourself be enough. The difference made may just find you that aforementioned observer.

I’m in a steady relationship right now, I don’t really need them to be pretty. If you say so, you do have a right to hold that opinion. And is true, a man should love you for you, not just your lingerie. I’m sure he does. Once again, the above applies, but I speak for all of the silent men out there: Wear them! They are very visual creatures, and it’s wrapping paper. You may have him, but there’s nothing wrong with treating him as well as yourself.

I’m not saying to ditch the grannies, if they do it for you that is good. Just give pretty a try, something old, ill fitting and ratty won’t do the job the same. Blue suede shoes just wouldn’t do with scuffs.

Song of the Day: Blue Suede Shoes – Carl Perkins



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