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There is a Mountain Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Posted by Grace in marble & holly.
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I’ve wanted to learn to sew for a while now. It has always seemed like a good thing to be able to do, useful for fixing rips or making alterations, but fun too, because generally I like to be creative and make stuff.

My mother can attach buttons and darn socks, but that is pretty much the span of her sewing skills. She used to, back in the before children days, but hasn’t for years. So she doesn’t want to teach me, as well as claims she can’t.

My Baba is similar. She hasn’t really done any sewing for years. When they were little, my mom and her siblings only wore home made clothes. Alas, she hasn’t done any sewing for years, she actually told me to ask my mother, who had already said no.

I went to Grandma next, she’s the one with the soda bread, because to this day she still sews quite often. She said yes! And I was really excited. So she sat me down at her kitchen table… and opened her day planner. She’s one of those seniors who is as busy as myself, if not busier. She penned me in as a possibility on a Sunday in early May. I have the opportunity, but it’s not going to happen any time soon.

A stroke of genius descended then, I have Delicious, who designs. Diva Boy knows how to sew! I called him up, asked if he would be willing to teach me and he said he’d be delighted. I went to his house, we mixed up some Cosmos, and went into his design room.

It’s taken some work, but now I’m on the road towards it. There were all those options, the mountains just needed a little prod to get things going.

First there is a mountain
Then there is no mountain
Then there is

Song of the Day: There is a Mountain – Donovan



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