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I Was Born: It’s My Birthday! Sunday, March 23, 2008

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Today is Easter.

It is also my birthday.

Yesterday was a long day of partying, and this morning was easter breakfast with my large extended family.

When I woke up, about an hour after getting home, there was still enough alcohol in my system that my disposition was still Woohoo! Birthday! Easter! And at my grandparent’s house, things slowly rolled more and more downhill…

Famous people I share a birthday with: Keri Russell and Joan Crawford. (find who you share a birthday with here)

Being born on March 23 makes me an Aries on the cusp of Pisces, also known as the Cusp of Rebirth. People born in this period possess the dreaminess, active fantasy, quietude and sensitivity inherent in Pisces with the uncomplicated and fiery forwardness inherent in Aries. They are likely to possess strong mental powers coupled with the gift of comprehension. These cusp characters play as hard as they work, perform their best under pressure, do not deal well with failure, and pursue goals unremittingly, refusing to be denied. They are exceedingly artistic souls who have an inherent power of intuition, and have the ability to skillfully reach out to others. Stubborn, they are likely to want what they want when they want it. Also, their definition of family will often include friends and associates. (Paraphrased from here)
Personality traits people born today are reported to have:

Personality Strengths: Drive, Style

Personality Weakness: Impatience

Successful Career Path: Entrepreneurship

Sense of Humor: Quick Witted

Descriptive Adjectives: Strong, Adventurous

Enterprising and creative – you see things that most people fail to even dream about. You see the world from a unique perspective and that gives you a natural advantage in most regards. Talented to the point of being almost prodigal, one can only hope that you utilize your talent and make something great of your life.(You can find out yours on the My Birthday application on facebook)

Song of the Day: I Was Born – Wilco



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