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My Favorite Chords Friday, March 14, 2008

Posted by Grace in until the wheels fall off.
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He always had a way with music.

TM was one of those people who would hear something once, and be able to play it. He was one of those people who could do things with a guitar that few I’ve encountered can do.

When he was little, I’ve heard the story told it was early grade school, I’ve heard it told it was before that, his dad decided to teach him guitar. TM’s dad had been in a band in younger days, while he was going through law school, and was by no means a shabby guitar player. He belonged to the school of thought that music was something you heard and felt, not read. So he sat down with his son and two guitars, and let him explore. As I’ve been told, TM was quick to parrot him, but just took off after that.

All of a sudden he could play things that were on the radio, or he’d sit down and play. Songs that no one really recognized, just spun out from his head. His sister has commented that they would have to talk him into playing with other toys, all he wanted was that guitar.

We always laughed that he couldn’t think without a six string between his hands.

A few days ago, Lemon handed me an unlabeled CD and told me to listen. He’d gone through his computer and found some things that he thought he didn’t have anymore, things he said I’d appreciate to hear.

Through some graininess from home recording, I found TM again. The sounds those hands like dinner plates could coax from a guitar. A voice that’s dark and gravelly and comforts me like nothing else. Through the static and the metallic far-awayness of it all, it was like he found me again.

I remembered all the years where more often than not there was a guitar in his hands. Silly songs we would all laugh at, and messages he didn’t know how to otherwise communicate.

I close my eyes and it’s like he’s there. Chills.

Song of the Day: My Favorite Chords – The Weakerthans



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