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Secret Agent Man Monday, March 10, 2008

Posted by Grace in strange days.
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Earlier this weekend I found myself in a dimly lit room. On a worn seat at a heavily beer stained table. Fearless brought me along with some friends of his from work. I sat at that table and drank my beer, surrounded by fit young men with high and tights. As the alcohol flowed more freely, jokes got a lot more work-based and little bit raunchier (okay, a lot-a-bit). Apparently some people figure they’ve spent far too much of their lives on certain bases, and are tired of fighting over plastic covered mattresses so’s to not attract ‘critters’. Ew…

Eventually the conversation turned to the way a person in uniform sometimes gets treated by the general public. I heard a lot about the ‘friggin civvies,’ and didn’t get to contribute too much to the conversation. Not being a civilian of that particular disrespectful disposition, but still being non-military, I got to see and experience something I wouldn’t normally be expected to have, but didn’t get to contribute too much.

Being that female friend who gets invited to many boy’s nights, that one who the majority of the time is ‘one of the guys,’ I tend to see and experience things that the girls normally aren’t exposed to. I hear the tales and escapades that normally get toned down when other people are around. I see some of that male mischief that they get into sometimes. Ever wondered how much air you can get on an old couch your parents were going to throw out? With the right conditions and combustibles, its pretty impressive.

All through school, I got put ahead a year in certain classes. Some years, there would be other ‘jump ahead-ers’ my age, and some years I was the only one. There was a boy named Cody from my grade, who ended up in some of my year ahead courses. He was loud, and seemed to think he was funny, but really was mostly just annoying. In those classes we would hear a lot of jokes and complaints about those annoying little grade x-ers invading the class. Those in class who knew me well enough to know I was one of those would look over knowingly but not say anything. Teachers didn’t point me out either. I was pretty quiet throughout grade school, so I mostly flew under the radar. I got to experience all the hoopla about graduating and standardized testing before I was allowed to experience it.

I’ve just been feeling I’ve got a little James Bond in me lately. The secret agent in the room who sees things I’m not meant to, and stays stum to not give myself away.

Secret Agent man, Secret Agent man
They’ve given you a number and taken away your name.

Song of the Day: Secret Agent Man – Johnny Rivers



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