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Its a Man’s World Saturday, March 1, 2008

Posted by Grace in fit addiction.
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How come boys get to have all the fun?

The Resident Italian has started a new workout, the 300 Spartan workout via Men’s Workout Guide. In the mornings, he sets me to my workout, and so long as I’m not needing any spotting (which I normally don’t), he gets to his.

For the past week or so, when I’m on breaks between sets, or when I sneak a peek across the room, he’s never on a break anymore, and there are all of these interesting, fun and difficult looking pulls, lunges et cetera that he’s been doing.

I’ve taken the chance to try a couple out that are shown in this video. The weighted pull ups (yay for textbooks in the backpack!), I couldn’t do. Couldn’t as in being suspended up there, wiggling and trying to will myself to be stronger. The recline pull, I managed two. Well, fine, one and a half; I kind of fell out of the second one.

There may be a thing or two he’s thinking of incorporating for me, but I keep getting reminded, Grace, you’re not looking to muscle up a bunch. That’s what this is designed for. I realize, and I agree, but it looks so fun from across the room.

Not fun in the everyday way, I mean fun in the ‘at the gym, pushing hard’ kind of way. They don’t get breaks between sets most of the time! It’s nuts, but in such a profoundly cool way.

His arms are getting meltingly beautiful, and he gets to have all the fun. I’m jealous.

Song of the Day: Its a Man’s World – James Brown



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