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Aqueous Transmission: Adventures in Ice Fishing Saturday, February 9, 2008

Posted by Grace in la famiglia.
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The thing about fishing is that I normally don’t get invited. Most of the hallmark ‘guys night’ events, I get invited to. I come to poker nights, fights and halo parties, but I do not come to fish.

The boys normally are more summer fishers, the kind where you spend all day on the boat. Normally, I don’t go along because it’s a matter of fitting people into boats, and I don’t want to take up space at an event I’m not particularly good at. When it comes to ice fishing, fitting people into boats isn’t so much of an issue, and I’m welcome to come, but it’s cold. Being the big suck that I am, I try to avoid spending all day out in the cold. Especially super windy days like today. But, by the generosity of one of J’s cousins, the boys came into possession of a fishing shack for the weekend, and that was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Using the auger to get the hole through the ice took a good deal of muscle and time. Apparently they come electrically powered too, but the one we had was manual.

I was a little confused at first when the actual fishing got started. Normally the boys are a rather rowdy and loud crew, but everyone settled at their fishing holes with their beer and their poles, and things got strangely quiet. Not wanting to disturb the peace I followed suit and watched for a tug on the line.

It’s amazing the time that passes waiting on fish, how still and silent everything is. Letting your mind wander and flit between ideas, but being so intensely focused on that hole in the ice. And then conversely, the flurry of sound and motion when someone gets a bite. Bouts of meditation interrupted by chaotic action.

We did really well, caught a nice big jack and some pickerel. The only thing I caught was a wee little fish. When M finally got it off of the hook for me (I was scared I would hurt it), we let it go, it was just a baby.

My toes froze, but the beer was cold. Fish just tastes so much better when it was alive just a short time ago, still close to the water it was living in, cooked up simply with butter, lemon pepper, garlic, and a little bit of salt.

Song of the Day: Aqueous Transmission – Incubus



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