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The Sweetest Thing Thursday, January 31, 2008

Posted by Grace in eating crackers in bed.
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I was sitting in the science library, with my organic chemistry lab partner, attempting to figure out a particularly difficult problem via teamwork. It wasn’t going very well, despite the fact that he and I tend to be a rather formidable team when up against the most heinous of organic questions.

My cell phone started to ring. I rushed, digging through my purse to stop the ringing, but still received a couple of glares from surrounding students in the moment it took. I told my lab partner that I would be back in a moment, and made for the exit.

It was Fearless. He asked, Hey, where are you?

I’m at University, like I always am on Thursdays at this time of day…. aren’t you at your school? (He goes to a different University).

I know you’re here, but where here?

Um, outside the entrance to the Science Library? Why?

Okay, I’ll be there in a minute. And then he hung up.

I waited outside. What else could I do? I was wondering what he was up to, because he was supposed to be in classes at his University, and we hadn’t planned anything.

When Fearless arrived, quite soon after, he didn’t explain anything, he just told me that we had somewhere to be. When we went back into the library really quickly, to pick up my books, my lab partner just smiled.

We left the building and headed across campus. I wasn’t sure where we were going, we left the complexes that most of my classes are in, and I began to wonder how he knew where we were going, because he isn’t a student here. He just smiled and told me he knew where he was going.

We entered the ecology building, a building that until this point I had never been in, and he lead me to the atrium that attaches the buildings to the greenhouses. Great big windows showed a variety of plants.

Well, he explained, finally, I made us lunch. And at least this way it can seem like we’re outside without freezing our asses off.

He surprised me with a picnic at the end of January. It was perfect.

Song of the Day: The Sweetest Thing – U2



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