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Answering Bell Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Posted by Grace in strange days.
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Over the weekend, I went to a wedding. An Italian wedding.

The Resident Italian, who’s made appearances before, brought me as a date. It was one of his cousins who was getting married.

I thought it was really beautiful, like I do most weddings, but especially so because of how steeped in tradition and symbolism the whole thing was. At the reception, the best man was there to greet everyone coming in with drinks so that toasts could be made to the couple. The men got to give the bride a kiss for good luck – though some went out of the way to make the groom jealous, I think.

When the food started to come out, there was so much amazing food (but then what else would you get from Italians?), a loaf of bread was broken over the heads of the bride and groom, which I’m told is for a fertile and full life.

I missed out on a lot of what went on during the actual marriage at the church because we weren’t very close to the front, and so didn’t have the best view, and it was almost exclusively Italian, which I (sorry to say) don’t speak.

The entire night I was introduced to various cousins, friends, and assorted relatives as Grace She-doesn’t-speak-Italian, as though I had a coincidentally informative last name. More than a handful of ‘Zias,’ I’m fairly sure those are Aunties and I don’t know if thats spelled correctly, made comments about it being Good The Resident Italian had found such a nice girl. …Awkward.

Overall, though, it was a really beautiful, fun night.

And, in the tiny bit of Italian I learned while I was there, I just want to wish one more Per Cent’anni to the bride and groom.

Song of the Day: Answering Bell – Ryan Adams



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