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Wonderful, It’s Superman Thursday, January 17, 2008

Posted by Grace in eating crackers in bed.
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Earlier in the week, I mentioned the dilemma that I’ve been having with Fearless.

Why is it that when an opportunity arises with as great a potential as this, the situation seems to pull towards becoming as complicated as possible? I’ve heard all of the stories about everything just falling into place perfectly, but I’m not too sure these ‘fall-into-placers’ exist.

Not only does he have to be enlisted, but it is fairly certain he is going overseas within a year.

Being the amazing man he is, he felt it was only fair that I knew, even though he realized that it complicates matters that much more. I guess he understands how I think.

Part of it does make me melt, many traits pale in comparison to being able to volunteer yourself to go overseas to a dangerous situation to make it better. Any man or woman brave enough to do so deserves much respect and admiration. So, feeling as I do, just like I did last time, I got all starry-eyed.

People manage their significant other being on deployment, relationships survive or even flourish. I just don’t know if I can do something like this again.

If I love the Supermen so much, why do I get so scared at the same time? Why are they the ones I meet?

Song of the Day: Wonderful, It’s Superman – Andy Stochansky



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