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Hurts to Love You: An Ode to the Gym Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Posted by Grace in fit addiction.
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Not everyone likes to work out. Actually, I’ll take the risk of saying that probably the majority of people don’t.

Before I started, I didn’t either. Sports were great for me; they fed my competitive and social sides while getting in exercise. I still play soccer and floor hockey because of those reasons. I just hated the idea of sitting down at a weight machine and doing something multiple times just because. There didn’t seem to be much to drive you, much that would make it fun.

The gym though, I have developed a profound love affair with since I began. I started because: sports didn’t go year round, running (what I do all year) wasn’t getting me the results I was looking for by itself, and a friend of mine who is in love with his muscle has the equipment and the knowledge.

I love being there, pushing for just one more set, being stronger than I was before, and getting all lovely and toned. There are are actually very few parts of me now that I feel I really need to ‘fix.’ All of the meeting in the wee hours of the morning with a good friend recounting weekends and strange days doesn’t hurt either.

This morning, after pushing through a particularly difficult workout planned by the sometimes evil Resident Italian, I literally fell off of the weight machine and melted onto the floor as a big puddle of gym-happy, sore-everything goodness. It was like shavasana at the end of a yoga class. Just laying on the cold floor and taking in both how awesomely accomplished I felt as well as the much talked about ‘happy hurt’ you get from the gym.

So many muscle groups were just aching, but the endorphins were kicked in, and in that moment I felt like after finishing that workout, I could do anything. The Resident Italian came and sat down beside me, let me have my quiet glory, and in a couple of minutes helped ply me off the floor and told me to hurry up with showering because he needed one too, and we were going to be cutting it close to get to class.

Going every day doesn’t suit the goals that I’m going for, I’m not looking to muscle up, just strengthen and tone, but part of me just wants to be there all the time. I could deal with starting my day every day like this.

Though if you ask me tomorrow morning, with all of the ouch that will have set in, I probably won’t say it the same. Tomorrow is going to hurt, but it still makes me so happy.

Song of the Day: Hurts to Love You – The Philosopher Kings



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