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Ladylike Monday, January 14, 2008

Posted by Grace in eating crackers in bed, graceisms.
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Note to self: I really need to stop walking around in naught but panties.

People come to doors all of the time, I realize that. And I even was expecting someone to be arriving. I was running behind on getting ready. I’d had clothes picked out for the social, and got part way through makeup, when I realized that they were not suitable and I had to start over again. We’ll cross out the previous statement about naught but panties, I had some mascara on too.

I was just so disjointed; I wanted to wear something nice for Fearless and formal enough for the occasion, but I wanted it to be comfortable, I was nervous about how the social would go, trying to convince myself that I would have enough time to catch up on reading for class, and pulling the last tray of Rolo cookies out of the oven that I lost track of time. And then, while I thought I had tons of time to get ready, the doorbell rings.

And being disjointed and distracted, I just answered the door.

Let’s just say that Fearless was all smiles… and made the wise suggestion that if the bra and the panties already matched each other, and already picked up colors in his suit, why not go with that color scheme?

The blue cocktail dress went swimmingly.

It was a fun night, good food, lots of dancing.

P.S. – Happy Malanka!

Song of the Day: Ladylike – Big Wreck



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