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I Put a Spell on You Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Posted by Grace in eating crackers in bed.
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It happened by the pool table left of the dance floor. He had been watching her all evening; their eyes locking and holding until nerves had her look away. He said nothing directly to her, just kept up with the group’s conversation; but he knew it was time to let her know what he was thinking.

Returning from the bar, he placed a hand on the curve of her hip and set the drinks, a single and a double of tequila, down on the felt of the table. Just a little pressure on the toned flesh and she responded, turned toward him, leaving the conversation confused as to what he was doing.

Their eyes locked again, hers unsure, his steady, as he brought up his other hand and tucked her smooth, soft hair behind her ear. The patch of pale skin cried to be caressed as he leaned in.

Under the strength of his hands he felt her tense, pull away. He found her eyes again, reassuring her with the surety of his intent, but nonetheless moving the hand from the lithe curve to her wrist. The apprehension ebbed and flowed; initially she resisted, her small strength having no effect on his hold, his new albeit gentle grip told him she wouldn’t be evading him anyway.

He leaned in, lips slightly parted, and felt her relax and close her eyes as she began to follow suit. He didn’t want to deny the motion, but he stopped just short and slipped the wedge of lime between her expectant lips.

She struggled, eyes wide as the tartness registered, just enough to spark in him the exultation of the authority of his power; his wishes, over hers, as he kissed down her neck to just above the collarbone, leaving the softness just moist enough to hold fast the salt.

The salt was licked, the double downed, and just as he knew it would be, the lime was still there, waiting for him between her lips. He bit down and let the sour rush heighten his senses that much more. His lips lingered on hers that extending moment, hand releasing her wrist and returning to her side. She did not seek to escape, did not pull away, again confirming that despite the initial struggle she wanted it just as much as he did.

When he pulled away he took the emptied wedge with him, and discarded it in the empty glass. Their eyes didn’t meet again until he placed the remaining single in her hand, and saw he had been right about her, the confusion and apprehension were gone. “Grace, I’m Fearless,” he said, “Drink up.”

He turned, and walked away. The rest was up to her, or rather, the rest had been decided by him, and it was up to her to follow. Hopefully the encounter would bring them together as he wished.

Oh how I enjoy a man who takes the reins and leads…

Song of the Day: I Put a Spell on You – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins



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